1st Grade Math- Identifying 2-D and 3-D Objects - Kylie Heal

1st Grade Math- Identifying 2-D and 3-D Objects

By Kylie Heal

  • Release Date: 2014-12-08
  • Genre: Mathematics


About the Authors: Kylie and Katherine are both pre-service teachers who hope to pursue a career teaching in a classroom with both special education and general education elementary students! They have wanted to be teachers their entire lives, and cannot wait to impact the lives of their future students!

What standard are we achieving in this eBook? 1.G.1: Identify objects as two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Classify and sort two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects by shape, size, roundness and other attributes. Describe how two-dimensional shapes make up the faces of three-dimensional objects.

Reading Level: Beginning first grade level

Learning Objectives: Be able to tell the difference between different shapes (2-D and 3-D). Understand basic facts about each shape that they learn to identify.