Black in the White House - Ron Christie

Black in the White House

By Ron Christie

  • Release Date: 2009-09-14
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events


Take an exclusive look inside the Oval Office?from an unlikely perspective. As a black conservative, Ron Christie has often taken the road less traveled. And now, he carries readers along with him on his unique, illuminating journey through the hallowed halls of the West Wing and into the sacred chamber of the Oval Office, as he shows the real workings inside one of the most secretive administrations ever: the White House of George W. Bush.
Who really makes the big policy decisions? How do Republicans view the black community? What went on behind closed doors during the Trent Lott scandal? How did top White House officials react after the attacks of Septembe 11?
Former special assistant to President Bush, Ron Christie answers these probing questions and many more as he offers the inside scoop?on everything from race issues to major political maneuvers?and provides a refreshingly candid and positive portrayal of our nation's leaders in this must-read for those who want to go inside George W. Bush's West Wing.