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James Webb Space Telescope Science Guide

By HubbleSite.org & WebbTelescope.org

  • Release Date: 2012-12-19
  • Genre: Astronomy
Score: 4.5
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With a mirror three times the size of the Hubble Space Telescope’s, and an orbit far beyond Earth’s Moon, the Webb Space Telescope is preparing to show us a universe we’ve never seen before. Webb will see the first stars flickering to life in the most distant universe, penetrate clouds of dust to reveal newly forming stars and solar systems, and analyze planets around other suns for traces of potentially life-giving water.
This highly interactive eBook features video, image galleries and more to tell the story of the Webb Telescope – the science it will reveal and the cutting-edge technology designed to not just cope with the harsh conditions of space, make them into an advantage.


  • Great read for astronomical fans

    By Jordells57689
    This book gives a detailed description of the James Webb Telescope,its mission,and the individual tools.It explain the challenges that NASA and other organizations/associations had to overcome to build JWST(James Webb Space Telescope).Like fitting it into the rocket and more.This read explains the goals of the mission,and also has photographs of the telescope and individual tools.Trust me,take this from an astronomical fan,this is a great read