The Complete Dog & Puppy How to Guide For Kids, Adults & Beginners - Abigail Strauss

The Complete Dog & Puppy How to Guide For Kids, Adults & Beginners

By Abigail Strauss

  • Release Date: 2017-08-01
  • Genre: Pets


"Having Problems Connecting, Understanding, Controlling and Becoming Respected By Your Dogs?"
Do you really love your dog? Would you like to learn how to REALLY understand and be understood and take care your dog? Aspiring to improve your relationship and be respected by them as the Alpha or leader? Perhaps you wamt to teach your dog basic tricks? Perhaps there is a disobedient dog you want to have more control of? Or perhaps you're about to bring in a new puppy to your household, and you need to learn proper ways of potty training and rearing them in? Whatever it may be, I've got you covered my friend.
This book is meant to be the ultimate dog book you'll ever need. It will teach the dog owner everything he would need to know to properly take care of dogs. Please look below for the areas that will be covered in depth.
This is a concise, no nonsense, no fluff book that covers virtually everything you could ever need in this endevour!
In this book you'll learn the following:

Dogs and children
Over 340 recognized breeds
Dogs and their body language
Body parts to watch
Fight, flight, or ignore
Aggression and excitement
Showing authority
Three D’s
Eye to eye contact
Understanding your dog
Dog training: the basics
Dog training methodologies
1.Alpha dog
2. Positive reinforcement
3.Clicker approach
4.Scientific method
7.Mirror or model approach
Basic commands
4.Leave it
Potty training
Hiring a trainer
IV. Dogs and their masters
On companionship
Dogs and your words
Dogs and your voice
Dogs and your body language
Disobedient dogs: how to handle
A man’s best friend: improving dog-master relationship
Science behind dog-human relationships
Dog pack hierarchy: when you have more than one dog in the household
How to strengthen your dog-master bond
A lifetime bond worth keeping
and much, much more...

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  • How to work on the basics

    By Old dog lover
    I am a dog lover and just lost my two friends for the last 15 years. My wife and I decided to get two new puppies. It has been a while since trianing my last two labs so I thought I would buys a couple of these reads. I was looking for a more Hands on help for me to teach the 5 basic commands and help on what to do when things aren’t workings. However the book was a good read and I would recommand it but if you are like me and want more try a different book for more details.